My First Blog!

After reading all of the articles on Blackboard, I want to discuss two things from one article that really inspired me the most. That would be the personal reflection of Gary R. Weaver, “The Evolution of International Communication As A Field of Study.”

Dr. Weaver pointed out that the World War II was one of the turning points for media. He stated: “During World War II we were concerned with propaganda. Our notion of propaganda was fairy primitive-strictly stimulus and response. Send out a message and it ought to produce a reaction. But this was not very sophisticated or effective.” (5). I find it interesting because I do recall going to the Holocaust Museum last year and they kept emphasizing how propaganda changed and took a big part of the war. During the war, propaganda became a powerful tool to unify, collaborate, and connect with countries, became persuasive, and even linked assistance. But I do wonder what would have happened if the propaganda did not take a big role in the World War II ? Would we have different results? This makes me think how much of an impact that communication in any form can make.

Then Dr. Weaver pointed out about cultural differences in this world. He emphasizes that if you want to find your culture- you need to leave it. (12). Sometimes we are trapped in our own box, blinded by ourselves. We need to step out of our box and realize our cultures. That is what International Communication is about- connecting the dots. When I read all of the articles, I became more interested in International Communication that I was before. I am looking forward to learning more.


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