Scary Mother Earth…



This is a scary world we live in, right? Or so we think. If you look up at any news website like or or even, I can promise you that you would see different kind of news ranging from people dying to tips for fashion. It is amazing to see how much the information from the news can shape our minds. I do notice that the news has a major influence on what people think today. For example, the news would expose information about how dangerous a certain area is like Kenya. The news would mention that people are dying and there are countless diseases there. I am sure that people are dying and I am sure there are countless diseases, but there is also a good side to Kenya as well. Because of that kind of exposure, I know a lot of people who are afraid to travel to Kenya because of what the “news” said. Take my parents for instance. When I was selected to go to Kenya, Africa to represent the Global Deaf Ambassador organization, my parents did not want me to go. They were afraid that I would either die or get one of the diseases there. It is generally known that you are supposed to be cautious at all time no matter where you are. So, I told my parents that I would be cautious at Kenya, but I am not going to be paranoid. I went there and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Now, I live in the Northeastern area of DC. I have a few friends who live in the Georgetown area. They keep telling me that I should move out or relocate where I live because its dangerous. I asked them where did they hear about this, they said the “news.” There it is again. This brings me to my point about the mean world theory. It is a result of the cultivation theory. People are afraid to go to certain places because of what the media exposes their information about. Some people do not want to go to Aruba because they are afraid of disappearing like Natalie Holloway. Some people refuse to go to Mexico because they think the whole country is filled with drug lords. Some people are afraid to travel to Alaska because they think they would get eaten by a Polar Bear. It does not matter where you are, but every where is dangerous. Many people think Europe is always a safe place. They don’t realize that France, targeting Paris, France aka the city of love, is famous for pick pocketing. So watch your purses/wallets! However, because the news does not expose about that information much, people assume that it is a completely danger free zone. The mean world theory happens every day. It influences the way we act, the way we think, in our daily lives. We don’t take that street because the last time we heard, a person died there. We don’t eat that restaurant because the last time we heard, someone choked to death there. We grow our fear just because of what “someone else” says (the news). Yes, it is good to be aware of what is going on rather than assuming that we have a perfect world, but it is also good to weigh out which you think is the best information to keep in mind. Some of the information are over exaggerated. It got exaggerated too much to the point where a few people will never travel because of that. When I read the news, I always keep in mind that there is no safe place on earth. That helps me to reduce my fear of some certain places. I just gain my consciousness of my surroundings instead of being paranoid.


Would you do the same thing?


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