Over abusing the suffix “-ism” ?

Along with this midterm craze, I guess I managed a few minutes to post a brief blog about something that has been bothering me for quite a while.

I have never really focused on the suffix “-ism” (which itself is an abstract meaning of ideology, a movement, a philosophy applied to a term beforehand) until I learned the word “Audism” at Gallaudet University. Audism is the idea of oppression towards a Deaf person by either another Deaf person or by a hearing person. After learning that vocabulary several years ago, I began to see the over use of “-ism.” There are common words that already have “-ism” included such as racism, colonialism, imperialism, buddhism, excorism, and more. Not that I see it as a wrong thing, but I am beginning to think that people are creating their own words with “-ism” to make them into a new theory or perspective.

In class recently, I kept seeing a lot of other words that are plopped in with “-ism” like someone said “sensationalism” then another person said “collectivism” and I recall someone bringing up the word “Apple-ism” during break time. (Note: the person said Apple-ism because of our “Apple Era” noting on Jobs’ death.) After seeing that word being put together with the suffix “-ism” I do feel that we might be over abusing the “-ism” word with any vocabulary we like. I mean I could say that forcing me to blog every week is considered as a blogism! Seriously? Or how about if some people are being prevented to have access towards media because they are not allowed based on their religion, would I call it media-ism?

I think that there should be some kind of measure with the use of “-ism.” Sure, we have the freedom to choose, but there should be some “regulation” to develop concrete ideas to ensure that the suffix “-ism” fits in with the chosen vocabularies.

Just a penny for a thought. šŸ™‚ With that aside, good luck on your midterms!


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