Click here to be grabbed by your lapels……

Dear media consumer,

The fact that you clicked on this blog link and began to consume the content of this blog reinforces Kraidy’s point that sex sells. But do not have shame; for you were incapable of resisting such a provocative title, hinting scandal and lust, naturally human temptations. You are not alone, dear media consumer. You and your vacuous counterparts cannot help but be lured in by us, the omnipotent Global Media System.


“The Holy Trinity” (As named by McChesney: Time Warner, Disney and News Corp)

Dear foreign media consumers,

Any chance you felt belittled or patronized upon reading Kraidy’s content analysis of the Washington Post?

According to this analysis, the Washington Post’s hypersexualization and latent paternalism of the United States as the Super-power of the world causes foreign audiences, like yourself,  to succumb to the seduction of US popular culture (442). Articles in the Post are saturated by diction rich in sexual connotation that make us, the Global Media System, irresistible as providers of cultural products. You can’t help but reach for us as we thrust words at you like, “penetrate”, “pleasure zone”, and “desire”. Never mind all those courses you took in High School and at University about media discernment and the mitigation of media effects. For you, foreign audience, are weak when it comes to that three letter word, S-E-X, that apparently is no where else to be found in the local media content near you.

Moreover, we assume that you are more than fluent in the literal and figurative English language to understand statements that make you quiver, like “fraught with turbulence” and “lure of the forbidden fruit”. And we, of course, trust that any dubbing or direct translating of our content to you, dear foreign audience, will be an exact translation of all the powerfully erotic content we dangle in front of your media hungry eyes.

Ostensibly, you are able to act as agents in creating a product in high demand, that only we, the all mighty Global Media System, have the distribution power to satiate;  but ultimately, you have no control or ability as to manage how you receive our notions of US popular culture, dripping with seductive and hidden messages pertaining to power hierarchies and social relationships in this country. For you, foreign audience, represent the aspiring Non-West, an unnamed region that only goes by such a title as you strive to become all that we represent politically and economically.

Stop the resistance to our predictable “hollywood endings”. Stop the questioning of why minority actors are not cast in US lead roles. Kneel down in submission as we give you what you truly want: transnational corporate multiculturalism.  We will show you who you really are.

Trust us, cooperate and we will show you the way,



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