Get Connected, Worldwide, Rock on!

“After watching this video, you will forever be scarred” announced Dr. Hayden in class last Tuesday.

Scarred? I wondered why. As the MDA Senior Management Rap video began to play, seeing the people in business suits singing a rap song, and especially with their choice of dance- yes, I am scarred. Now I have the line “Get Connected, Worldwide, Rock on!” from the song stuck in my head.

In class, we all discussed about cultural hybridity. It was an interesting session for me because I never really noticed cultural hybridity until recently. I felt like all the commercials are just “commercials.” But after pointing certain scenes that portray cultural hybridity, it made me realize that I overlooked many others as well.
I do wonder if we have had an influence to Singapore because I came across this commercial (you tube video above). Seeing a man in construction clothes, an old woman, a skater, a man in a business suit, a young teenage girl, and especially a man dressed in Viking clothes; they are all singing about JG Wentworth. It is a corny song that has everyone singing “877-Cash-Now!” But seeing this has made me think that it is possible we set that kind of influence that it is okay for “businesses” to create a funny song to attract more clients. I am not sure if it works? Sure it might attract more viewers, but more clients? I would not call JG Wentworth myself.
Speaking of cultural hybridity, I am trying to figure out if I see any cultural hybridity in the JG Wentworth commercial? Other than the different races, I do not see any cultural hybridity except for different clothing. If you see anything, please do share.


3 Comments to “Get Connected, Worldwide, Rock on!”

  1. Renca, where did you find this?!!!! Oh my goodness. While it’s not a smash hit like the Old Spice campaign, this ad did get more than 200K views, so I guess the novelty of it did generate some interest in the ad itself.

    In terms of cultural hybridity, I’m wondering if this ad is drawing on the continually growing cultural phenomenon of flash mobs. The music sounds a lot like Handel’s Messiah, which was performed in a mall as part of a flash mob and I’ve seen this idea of singing in a public space in several Christmas shopping commercials over the past couple years. I wonder if it’s a manifestation of cultural hybridity to take new ideas and mix them with old ones if it’s in the “same” culture.

  2. Interesting video and I definitely think that it falls into the same vein as the Singapore Rap. The whole absurd premise of people singing opera on a public bus about a financial service is so over the top. And the psychological element of the repeated jingle is ringing in my ears as I write this comment. Kind of makes me think about the scene in Zoolander where he is brainwashed with, “Kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia!”

    I’m not sure I could say that there is evidence of cultural hybridity here; perhaps the race representations and the clothing as you mentioned. The musical style (it would be a stretch to say Bollywood because there isn’t really any dancing, but Broadway for sure) contrasted with the mundanity of a pedestrian bus ride could be evidence.

    There was an incredible Verizon commercial that I saw recently for “Rhyme.” It’s focused on a clearly caucasian woman (although there is just a little something about her that could be ethnic) and as she is waxing philosophic about the joys of this new product, several arms come out of her body mimicking the Hindu G-D’s, Lakshmi or Kali.


    I wonder how this type of portrayal, with a sacred image, woud be interpreted and seen by people of the Hindu faith? There is definitely something about the commercial that is modern, and chic, so I think this instance of cultural hybridity is positive, unlike the Lebron commercial we saw in class on Tuesday.

    I think the marketing for this product is quite well done. It appeals to a new generation, it implies the future, and the accessibility of the product. But who is it geared towards and does it alienate any particular culture?

  3. 1. I saw this on commercial then I “you tub-ed” it. Interesting comment about the flash mob. Yes, I am beginning to see some commercials that include the flash mobs. Would you consider that as part of cultural hybridity? Hmm..

    2. This is a very cool commercial. Yes, I do see why you would think it could be a hybrid of Hindu faith. After mentioning the possibility of integrating Hindu faith, I do wonder if there are also hints of Catholic and Christianity religions as well? The white dress, the background, and how the woman’s skin glows kind of reminds me of an angel in Heaven. The little wire that was hooked with the HTC pager, it ended up wrapping the woman’s wrist, it kind of looked like rosary beads. Or maybe that is just me over analyzing. But I also do wonder if it alienates any particular culture. We always try to avoid alienating a culture, but we end up doing it when we emphasize one culture more than the other.

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