Technology = Networking

It was mentioned in class that Bruno Latour would be upset if we looked at technology as the only way to have networking. He believed that human contact is also part of networking, not just technology. I still kind of disagree with that. I believe that networking is based on technology, yes- everything. There was technology in the cave man era and there is still technology today. Technology back then would be like drawings on walls, writing in dirt, writing on stones, inventing the telegraph, sending letters, owning a type writer, and so forth. These are all different forms of technology that fit in the time eras. Today our technology is based on computers, cell phones, the internet, and the whole shebang of megabytes. Now, my question is how do people “socialize?” How do people meet? If Latour says that the expression of socializing is part of networking, I would agree, but HOW would it begin? People would need to meet. But, how would people meet? They would call each other. They would write letters to each other. They would send emails to each other. Or if you want to go back to the cave men era, they would probably send out fire signals from one territory to another. That is still using technology in one way or another. Therefore our networking is BASED on technology. Our social life, human interactions, begin BASED on technology. So, my perspective is that our networking is all based on technology- even from the old days to the modern days. Care to agree or disagree?


2 Comments to “Technology = Networking”

  1. I agree with both of you. However I see it more as an evolution. Because of our ability and need to network and communicate we have created tools that allow us to do so faster and easier. The basics are person to person interaction, but whether its fire signals or iphone apps, they all provide the same basic needs. People are inherently social creatures, with a few exceptions, and our intelligence has allowed us to create numerous tools that make this easier. Networking isn’t just about verbal or physical objects, it is all of the ways that we choose to interact with different people.

  2. I do agree that technology is much more than just things run by electricity. However, I think networking goes outside of the more verbal form of communication, including writing or carving. There is a non-verbal perspective that is not technology based. A network can begin with a look or expression. If a professor says something silly in class and then turns to write on the board the class may all look around at each other and give a bit of a smirk, eyes rolling etc. There will also be the students who disapprove of these looks who choose to perhaps look down or shake their head at other students’ disrespect. This may show how this network is connected. Two different “nodes” with two different ideas, in the same classroom network. No technology or verbal communications were used here, yet one may be able to inference about the interconnectedness.

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