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Educating and Entertaining

Well I’d first like to start with my reaction to the Lauren B. Frank Study.   I thought this study was fascinating as well as a nifty bit of synergy to read about an actual  study (I am taking a class in Research Methods this semester).  It was a wise decision by Ms. Frank to take a triangular approach to her research by using both quantitative and qualitative methods.  She goes on explain the various health communication theories that form the basis of her study.

The study shows that entertainment can be  effectively used to educate people about important topics like HIV/AIDS.   I don’t know if it was design that the presentation about “Theatre of the Oppressed,” another example the potential art/entertainment to served a purpose beyond the obvious, happened on the same day we were assigned these readings.

The ability of entertainment to communicate important ideas about subjects like peace and health is exemplary of the  fact that the field of communication has many different faces.   It can be a heath communication campaign or it can be a series of tweets.  It could be a theater group promoting social justice or it can be an Afghan singer displaying her talents on a TV singing competition.  The field of communication is vast, exciting, and I look forward to studying it more.