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The Regulator!

“To regulate, or to deregulate?  That is the question….”   I know….cheesy!  But it does seems like the U.S. has some kind of existential crisis about the place of regulation in our economic affairs.  Like Dr. Hayden mentioned in class, it is widely acknowledged that deregulation is one of the key factors in the near collapse of the financial system.  Yet, it seems that now regulation is the dirty word…it’s curious.

I think like most things, moderation is always a good rule of thumb.  Sometimes, given that I don’t have a deep economic understanding of anything, I feel like I am just regurgitating Democratic talking points when I advocate for regulation.  But it just seems to make common sense that you would at least have some.

The various methods of regulation are broken down nicely in the piece by Siochru and Girard.  I see the need for a little bit of industry and societal regulation.  A little industry regulation is definitely needed to encourage plurality and diversity…both are needed in the interest of maintaining a robust public sphere.  A little society is needed too….while I think the whole furor over Janet Jackson and Nipplegate was a little overwrought, there needs to be some policing a content.  I wouldn’t advocate for the kind of societal regulation that makes the BBc possible, although I have nothing against the BBC…I think I prefer the model we have here with PBS.